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In this collection of short stories, you'll find out what happens when ordinary people come face to face with the extraordinary. Secrets are revealed, truths are faced and regrets resurface when a touch of the supernatural enters. There are times when help comes from somewhere you could never image.
Charlene is proud to introduce her first publication -
 Unexpected Places.

Praise for Unexpected Places:

"Haunting and memorable."

"Unexpected Places is most definitely a page-turner . . . covers universal themes and provokes thought regarding [how] we live our lives, if we are prepared for death, and how we address the unseen and the unspoken,"

"As a person who has consistently struggled with identity and buried emotions, these stories spoke to me in ways I haven't come across before. Williams adds a paranormal/supernatural element yet the core of the story remains the human spirit."
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Charlene Williams is a graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, is an avid reader and gardener as well a part-time photographer.  She is currently at work on her second book, a full length novel sure to keep people on their toes! 

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